Acquire Abandoned and Vacant Homes

This Guide is Not LEGAL ADVISE

How to Get a Home Without Money or Credit

Home for Free is now up to version 2. The
original version of Home4Free , explains one potential way of taking possession of a vacant property, by completing fixup, cleanup, and yard-work, And then how to file a lien; Which then, you would take into "Small Claims" court to gain possesion of the Property. Version two deals with the the Non-Judicial way, to take possession of a property.This might be considered a form of "Adversarial Possession"

The principle of law we operate from is simply the maxim that states; -a laborer is worhy of his wages. For those who feel that acquiring a Home-4-Free, results in shorting the system or unfairness, then there prejudice and bias has already prevented them from seeing the obvious facts that support and order this procedure to not be invalidated. Consider the following facts. 1. Banks can't be the owners of Property and especially not real property (Common Law). 2. However if you say the Bank is an owner of a vacant property, then the owner must keep the maintenance up. And therefore, as a laborer who gives, you are entitled by law to receive.
foreclose your lien and take possession of the collateral.

 1. Find a Vacant house
 2. Do some fix-up on the property and some yard work.
3. File a lawful lien (claim to the property) arising from the fix-up work.
4. Foreclose on the lien, in the small claims court.

 5. Receive your default Judgement.

 6. Writ of Posession.

Home4Free guide also includes the  NON JUDICIAL PROCESS , as an alternative to foreclosing in court. We also cover a safe and secure NON judicial process to acquire the Home Safely, through the usage of Commercial Liens, Trusts, and Deeds of Transfer...

I’ve just given you the keys!  Ordering our guide will add a cost savings of roughly $400 in attorney fees, as I have provided the necessary do-it-yourself Templates for filing your lien, your affidavits, and all the necessary documents to aid in your success.

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This item will be delivered directly to you from Tex Mason, in pdf format within 24 hours of processing your payment. Proceeds from your order will go toward our ultimate project of freeing, those people from Prisons, and Jails, who have been wrongfully accused of victim-less statutory crimes.


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